What to Expect at Your First Retina Appointment

Your first appointment with a retina specialist can seem daunting. Patients aren’t always sure of what to expect, what’s needed of them, and what the experience will entail. On top of these concerns, if you’re visiting our office, you are dealing with a retina issue that could be impeding your quality of life and daily activities.

Our goal is to offer a world-class patient experience – from the moment you enter our door to the moment you leave – that is stress-free. Our teams are highly trained and dedicated to treating you with the utmost respect and compassion.

Your First Visit
A first appointment/consultation with our office is highly comprehensive. Patients can be surprised at the amount of time required for a first visit, but in order to provide effective care, we need to have as much information about your retina situation as possible. Most patients will need to spend around 2-3 hours with us during the exam process, which includes:

  • Preliminary imaging
  • The screening process
  • A full examination by your doctor
  • Additional diagnostic testing (if needed); some additional testing can be performed same-day
  • Treatment (if needed); some treatment can be performed same-day

How can I prepare for my visit?
For your first appointment, you will be given the opportunity to complete your new patient paperwork online. If you do not wish to complete necessary paperwork prior to your visit or need further assistance, we kindly recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early.

Please be sure to bring the following with you:

  • Your insurance card
  • If your insurance requires a physician referral, please obtain the referral prior to your appointment.
  • A photo ID
  • List of any medications you are taking (including eye glasses and eye drops)
  • A confirmed plan to travel home safely
  • Your eyes will be dilated during your visit, making your vision blurry and your eyes more sensitive to light for several hours. If you are not using public transportation, or do not feel comfortable driving yourself home, please consider arranging transportation.

You can learn more about your first appointment with Austin Retina here. Please see this webpage for PDF versions of our new patient paperwork in both English and Spanish, as well as our Notice of Privacy Practices.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with our practice today, please call 800-252-8259 or complete an online contact form.